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Elettra ME230LX
Our flagship model, the ME230LX, with programmable memory control, is the result of 20 years' machine-building experience.
Drive d.c. electric motors:
2 x 9kW, 2800 rpm
Batteries: 770Ah-80V
Battery charger: 380V/80V
Weight: 5800 kg
Blade width: 2300 mm
Snow-tank volume: 3,5 m³
Water-tank volume: 1000 litres
Autonomy: 20 surfaces of 60m x 30m
Elettra 150SX
The Elettra 150 SX is designed for ice surfaces of up to 900 m2
Drive d.c. electric motors:
1 x 10kW, 1800 rpm
Batteries: 330Ah-80V
Battery charger: 380V/80V - 60Ah
Weight: 2500 kg
Blade width: 1500 mm
Snow-tank volume: 2 m³
Water-tank volume: 400 litres
Autonomy: 15 surfaces of 800 m²
The principal features of the Minengo edge cutter, with its height-adjustable cutting disc, are simplicity of operation combined with a high degree of efficiency.
Drive: d.c. electric motors:
1 x 2kW, 3,200 rpm
Batteries: 2 x 80A/12V
Battery charger: 24V/15A
Weight: 125 kg
Cutting-disc diameter: 300 mm